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Ridgid Drain Cleaning Cables Ridgid high performance drain cleaning cables, incorporate a safety coupling device. Suitable for Ridgid drain cleaning machines as well as other manufacturers' machines using 16 mm - 5/8", 22 mm - 7/8" and 32 mm - 1 1/4" cables.

  1. Cable ends surface ground to ensure strong linkage between cable and coupling.
  2. Closed linkage for transfer of high torque.
  3. Stainless steel spring and pin avoiding break-downs.
  4. Safety-T-Coupling with facet for easy joining of cables.

Ridgid Drain Cleaning Cables

  • Manufactured from high quality spring steel, C-DIN 17223, B 11-material ref. 1.1200
  • Specially hardened and tempered for
    - maximum springiness with a high degree of elasticity and flexibility
    - high resistance to wear and tear
  • Suitable for regular use on the most demanding jobs
  • Tightly wound coil profile for high torque transmission and avoidance of entanglement when being carried
  • 16 mm, 22 mm and 32 mm LH-wind which has the effect of increasing the stiffness when subject to RH drive, independent of resistance caused by the blockage
  • Cable ends supplied with generously proportioned connecting sections for efficient changing of couplings
  • Couplings cannot be misplaced. Flat ground ends for positive firm fit of cables and couplings.
  • T-nut safety coupling system with locking pressure pin. Quick and simple extending and shortening of cables and fitting and removal of various drain cleaning tools.
  • High quality construction. Spring mounted stainless steel pressure pin with stainless steel spring ensures operational safety even during long periods of continual use, because of reduced danger of corrosion and breakage. Prevents loss of cables and heads in pipes.
  • Bevelled leads-in make for trouble free coupling - even when wearing gloves
  • Cables of varying diameters can be fitted together by means of reduction lengths and extension pieces e.g. when using cables or tool heads with various coupling formats
A cable to suit each and every job
Ridgid Drain Cleaning Cable -Standard Standard

Flexible, for general purpose cleaning jobs of an undemanding type and over short operating distances. Easy to use even in narrow pipes with multiple bends.
Ridgid Drain Cleaning Cable -Standard with core Standard with core

With black plastic core, unaffected by temperature or weather, no blocking up with debris, dirt or long-fibred remains of blockages caused by textiles or cellulose materials. Higher degree of rigidity and resistance to deformation than standard cables. Also prevents loss of cable in drain if break occurs during use.

5/8" Cable

No. Price

 A Standard Cable RC8  5/8" x 7 1/2'  2.20  72431  £  21.25
 B Standard Cable with Plastic Core  5/8" x 7 1/2'  2.65  72433  £  28.05
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7/8" Cable

No. Price

 A Standard Cable RC10  7/8" x 15'  9.04  72441  £  37.65
 B Standard Cable with Plastic Core  7/8" x 15'  9.59  72442  £  48.55
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1 1/4" Cable

No. Price

 A Standard Cable RC11  1 1/4" x 15'  14.33  72451  £  66.80
 B Standard Cable with Plastic Core  1 1/4" x 15'  18.00  72452  £ 103.20
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